General Data Protection Regulation is a pressing issue for major consumer-facing organisations across the EU. Compliance by May 2018 is mandatory for those affected. Fines of up to 4 per cent of turnover may result from breaches.

There is no surprise GDPR is being taken seriously by firms wanting to avoid such severe penalties, but finding and deploying suitable individuals to lead these initiatives is not straightforward. They are required by legislation to report to their Board so will need sufficient seniority and experience. Their remit cuts across IT, Compliance, Legal, Risk, Marketing and other functions so skillful stakeholder management is essential. Enterprise budgets for FTSE-100-sized organisations run to tens of millions of pounds so close financial control is not optional.

Relevant qualifications are scarce, but Hansal are here to help you understand and access those most equipped to lead Data Protection functions and programmes. We are currently engaged on-site by a UK Top 5 Bank to help guide delivery of their GDPR programme and are currently recruiting the Data Protection Officer for another financial services client.

GDPR provides business in the UK with additional challenges, and opportunities. We at Hansal have the skills, resources and know how, to support you through this era of complex regulation. Talk to us about how we can help you in assessing, evaluating, creating a GDPR compliant business.

Meet our Managing Director UK – Tony Highland


Tony enjoyed a broad history within financial services both in senior operations and sales director roles, leading the business through intensive financial regulation and competition commission enquiries and in the process gaining an understanding of not only the importance of data management to the reputation of the organisation, but also the complexity of the execution of solutions.

More recently he has consulted in a wide range of sectors including banking, retail, transportation, service and recently in the digital industry where data is considered as important as capital and resource themselves. He believes that the key to data management is in understanding the various levels of risk to the individual businesses and then ensuring that systems are built that manage them efficiently.


GDPR provides business in the UK with additional challenges, and indeed, opportunities and we believe that we can support you in delivering the right package of solutions to ensure your continued success.

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