Malcolm Hewitt – Chairman


A business leader covering Global and FTSE100 Boardrooms in multiple industries including Travel, Leisure, Retail and Financial Services. Roles have included President Carlson Leisure Travel Europe, Managing Director, RCI UK, Retail Banking Director Barclays Bank UK and Managing Director Barclays Africa.

When not inspiring people in the workplace, Malcolm is an avid traveller, enjoying sailing, walking, cultures. He is however, still serving a life sentence as a ridiculously loyal and passionate supporter of Sunderland AFC…

Nick Blomeley – Chief Executive Officer


A career history with change agent written all over it for multinationals effecting powerful business, behavioural and cultural transformation.

The only thing about Nick that doesn’t change is his devotion to his family and his guilty pleasure of still after all these years being a Phil Collins and Genesis fan.

He has a secret desire to be a stand up comedian and now that is no longer secret!

Kellie Bowdery – Chief Operating Officer


An HR practioner by profession, Kellie has driven change in multiple organisations in both public and private sector. She has the delicate touch as an expert coach coupled with the firm hand required to keep Hansal on track.

She has travelled extensively following her passion of exotic food, and on her back would be her cherished daughter….oh and about 100 books as she is a complete bookworm!

Garry Marsh – Non Executive Director


Garry’s global experience brings a diversity to the board as he has lived and worked in the A-Z of countries, from Arabia to Zambia. Holding numerous executive positions he still remains on the board of a few institutions and has a busy portfolio.

When not sharing his wisdom, he will be found travelling as his love for culture, history, tasty food and fine wine brings him to places far and wide.